Public Presentations

You may have noticed on the Dawah Corps website, the statistic stating that there are 300 million people in the U.S. and around 283 die each hour. Here’s another statistic: Out of the 283 people dying each hour, zero persons die from stage fright!

Public speaking can be an extremely daunting task. Considering most people have a fear speaking to ONE person about Islam, let alone an entire audience, most people would never consider doing it. However, there are numerous venues where a Muslim presence is needed and the void is filled by either a non-Muslim “expert” on Islam or no one. How many public libraries, bookstores, college campuses and churches look for Muslims to expound upon the beautiful teachings of Islam, only to find no one?

In order to counter this problem, Dawah Corps offers two solutions: Training you on how to do a public presentation or sending a seasoned daie/public presenter to you to help fill those voids in your vicinity.

If you would like more information on training, having a speaker sent out to you or even becoming a Dawah Corps da’ie/public presenter, please contact us.