Mentorship Program: The 2-Sided Precious


As valuable as a golden coin may be, imagine if the coin you cherished had one side which was polished and smooth and the other was tarnished and weathered. The sharp differences in each side expose the reality of the coin of only being cheaply plated with gold, a disappointment in disguise. Dawah is similar to a coin because it also possesses two facets or sides: calling the masses to Allah and then the fulfillment of that call which could be termed as “mentoring”.

Rallied efforts to convey the message of Islam to the people without proper concentration on preservation and cultivation of those who have accepted the message can be disastrous. Due to this reality, Dawah Corps has developed a model (that can be easily replicated in other localities) to assist new Muslims. The objective of this program is to help new Muslims reach a point where they can comfortably identify themselves as real and valuable members of the Muslim community. Consider the following:

  • If Allah wills that someone becomes Muslim by your hand today, what do you do next? Or, if someone walks into the masjid tonight to accept Islam, what will happen after the kind words and gestures of celebration?

  • What type of knowledge and development infrastructure are you going to present to him or her?

  • How will you handle the vast array of needs and concerns of this person with the available community resources being little to non-existent?

  • When someone becomes Muslim they have become your brother or sister. How do you welcome a new found family member and keep them closely knitted to the family?

These are some of the questions that the mentorship program model attempts to provide answers and solutions for. An effective mentorship program also requires continuous research & development due to the varying social factors that can come up in a project of this kind. Just as meticulous as we are in our approach to the arena of dawah, we should, in turn, approach the realm of mentoring new Muslims in the same careful manner.

Remember, if you don’t do it, who will?

If you would like more information on Dawah Corps’ mentorship program please contact us.